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Pepper Sprays Etc. carries only the best pepper spray like Wildfire Pepper Sprays, Fox Labs Pepper Sprays, and Sabred Red Pepper Sprays. These are brands that law enforcements have trusted for years.  Now available to the public, you can feel secure knowing that you are protected by pepper spray products with a trusted history in protecting our police and maintaining order.


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What Is Pepper Spray?

Pepper Spray is a chemical defense spray which is derived from extracting the active ingredient Capsaicin from select grown chilli peppers.  The chili pepper is finely ground and the Oleoresin Capsicum is extracted which is then further processed to extrude the Oleoresin Capsicum.  This process is very similar to chemical plants extract one specific chemical from another through processing.  The Oleresin Capsicum is then suspended in a product which keep the Oleoresin Capsicum in a liquid state instead of the waxlike resin it was originally.  This emulsified mixture of Oleoresin Capsicum is then pressurized when packaging.

Pepper Sprays are measured as to their "Heat" through a series of laboratory test using a High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) machine, and rating scale called a Scoville Heat Unit (SHU). The higher the Scoville Heat Units the hotter the pepper spray feels when applied to the face or other soft skin tissue.